Dawoori History


Exported rivets to MANU YANTRALAYA(P)LTD (INDIA)


Exported rivets to ORS (Turkey)
Dawoori Factory's expansion


Added 8 rivet machine facilities (total 112)
Exported Super stone to FAG (India)


Exported rivets to Japanese TODO (China)


Annual production of rivets 350/ton
Added riveting machine equipment's (total 104)

Jun. 2003.

Delivered Super stone WG6000 to FAG Changwon Factory

May. 2003.

Delivered Super stone WG3000 to FAG Jeonju Factory

Jan. 2003.

Delivered Super stone WX4000 to FAG Changwon Factory

Oct. 2002.

Succeeded Super stone localization

Aug. 2002.

Acquired ISO 14001 certification

Apr. 2002.

Added 81 rivet machine

Jul. 2001.

Exported to SKF France

May. 2000.

Acquired ISO 9001 certification

Mar. 2000.

Succeeded Honing Stone localization

Jan. 2000.

Changed name to DAWOORI

Dec. 1996.

Merged Taesung Industry and Sejin Machine

Jun. 1992.

Succeeded rivet machine localization

Jun. 1989.

Succeeded localization of ingredients
Increased rivet machine

Jul. 1987.

Established Rivet manufacture factory, started localizing rivet
Founded Taesung Industry

Jul. 1984.

Import Rivets, Super stone, Diamond grinding wheel dresser
Established Sejin Machinery